I’ve written, spoken and worked a great deal in advocacy for public school libraries. While we have no shortage of hypocrisy in our society and in public education, one of the more egregious examples is the way in which school libraries are ignored, starved or outright closed. Once again I assert that we never will accomplish much in the way of producing proficient readers if we do not commit ourselves to rehabilitating our libraries and treating them like an indispensable part of our schools.

But these are all just words. How about some action?

This June, I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with my dad and brother. It is the tallest mountain in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Although summiting does not require great technical climbing skills, walking to 19,341 feet above sea level is no joke.

Here’s the connection. The total amount needed to bring every library in my school district up to the national “exemplary” standard is about $1.9M. I’m paying all the expenses for my trek up Kilimanjaro but I wonder if you would consider “sponsoring” me. I want to raise $19,341 for the school libraries of Tuscaloosa City Schools. That’s 1% of what we need. It could be one small step for Literacy in my town and one giant trek up a mountain for me.

If you’d like to help, you can make a donation through this link.  Every dollar counts.

Here’s another thought: I’m willing to carry five items up the mountain with me: t-shirts or tiny banners to take a picture with at the top or small (painted?) rocks. The first five people to reach out to me (amaxey at tusc dot k12 dot al dot us) and contribute at least $1,000 can take me up on this offer. You’ll need to provide the object and I’ll need to check it out before I agree. Or let me know if you’ve got another idea.

I plan to have an amazing trek with my dad and brother. It would be incredible to do something to support school libraries while I’m at it. What do you say?  Join me in making this climb up Kili truly about kids?

Update: If you prefer to donate directly, you can write a check to “Tuscaloosa City Schools”. Write “#Kili4Kids” in the memo line. Mail or deliver it to my attention at: 1210 21st Avenue, Tuscaloosa Alabama 35401. We can handle cash or gold bullion donations as well.

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