(One) Principal’s Creed

I believe teachers have the most important job on earth. 

I believe my students deserve my best every day and that I can only teach students effectively if I love them.

I believe Dumbledore was right: my choices are far more important than my abilities. 

I believe that I am not where I am, doing what I do by accident. 

I believe in the power of collaboration, that self-reflection is an essential part of growth, and that educators who aren’t learning are regressing: two heads are better than one … and 45 heads are many hundreds of times better than one.

I believe that failure is an option … and is often a better instrument of learning than instant success.  I also believe that failure can not be banned by fiat. 

I believe love is stronger than fear and relationships are more important than rules. 

I believe that what educators do changes the course of young lives … one way or the other. 

I believe that my students learn much differently than I did and that they will not reach their full potential if I value the preservation of tradition over preparing them for the future they will live in. 

I believe that I must not allow teaching students to answer test questions correctly to be the purpose of school. 

I believe that dogmatism and leading by checklist are excellent ways to maintain the status quo and to ensure mediocrity. 

I believe a major part of my job is to recruit and develop and empower great teachers … and to protect them from bureaucracy. 

I believe there is no spoon and impossible needs our permission. 

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One response to “(One) Principal’s Creed

  1. Tia

    Hi Andrew,

    You have written a great set of beliefs in this post that really display who you are as an educational leader. I particularly liked,

    “I believe love is stronger than fear and relationships are more important than rules.”

    Relationships are key and essential in the growth and success of our students and educators.

    Thanks for the positive, inspirational post,

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