For my friends who need subtitles when folks don’t speak with a Midwestern accent, a partial transcript of this video is included here:

Kofi: Just like United States of America is a melting pot of cultures, Nigeria … the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a melting pot of many cultures.  And, you know we have many languages.  But the major languages we have is [are] the one popularly known as “wazobia”: the three main languages we speak here in Nigeria.  “Wa” stands for [is a word from] Yoruba – “come”; “Zo”, Hausa – “come”; and “Bia” stands for Igbo – “come”.  So in Yoruba in the morning the greeting is always “Ikaaro”.  And in Igbo you have “Ibolachi”.  Hausa: “Ina Kwana”.  They are all beautiful languages.  But apart from these languages we have other 250 languages spoken by smaller ethnic groups.  Also within these languages we have dialects – over 2,000 dialects that they speak here.  Nigeria is really a beautiful country where we have unity in diversity.

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