Morning Assembly


Update (11.20.12)

It appears that subtitles would be helpful on this video.  The children are singing the Nigerian national anthem when the video starts and then sing their school anthem.  Transcripts of both (and other dialogue) included below.

National Anthem
Arise, Oh Compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey.
To serve our Fatherland with love and strength and faith.
The labors of our heroes past shall never be in vain.
To serve with heart and might, one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause;
Guide our leaders right,
Help our youth the truth to know, in love and honesty to grow,
And living just and true great lofty heights attain:
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.
School Anthem – Fulfill Our Destiny

… sorry, I can’t make out all the words.  Some guy is talking over the children.  The song is definitely repeats the phrase “to fulfill our destiny”.
Headmistress: You shall all fulfill your destinies in Jesus name.
Students: Amen
Headmistress: Good morning pupils
Students: Good morning Ms. Ademi; Good Morning teachers; Good morning friends
Headmistress: Good morning.  How was your night?
Students: Fine, thank you.  Any you?
Headmistress: Now, let’s have the marching song
“Marching song” video is in another post!

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