Plants of the West

Just as in the US, plant life in Nigeria varies by region.  This video is from Lagos which is located in the Western part of the country near the coast.  I hope to post a similar video from our brief visit to Jos which is located on a plateau farther north.  The two videos will also demonstrate the significant difference that the rainy season and dry seasons have on life in Nigeria.  Everything is very green during the rainy season – when it rains almost daily often for long periods of time – and the dry season when some areas go without any rain at all for up to six months.


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3 responses to “Plants of the West

  1. Walker Ferry

    Thank you for answering my questions Mr. Maxey!

  2. Amelia Pilsch

    I would like to know more about the compound. Is it like a gated community? Is this for security? It is a very beautiful place, not what I imagined. Is there historical significance to the compound?

    • nothingthatprofound

      Yes, the compound where my parents life is gated. It is also surrounded by a very high wall (perhaps 12 feet high) topped by barbed wire. As much as possible, ALL residences are built inside walled compounds. I will post another video showing an example of how this is usually done, so I won’t spoil the suprise with more details here. Nigeria is a beautiful place in general and this compound was particularly designed and carefully maintained with that objective in mind. A very rich man (even my American standards) built this compound about 25 years ago. He buit quite a bit here: enormous mansions for himself and his two sons, several large apartment buildings, many “duplexes”, and a huge mosque. Most residences are leased out. The grounds are maintained by paid employees, including the man seen sweeping on the video. I’ll try to get pictures or videos of the rest of the property while I am here.

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